What is SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test, and one of the required parameters to apply for an undergraduate course abroad, particularly in the US. Applicants need to remember that they do have a choice and can take the ACT as an alternative to fulfil admission requirements, and that there are some remarkable similarities as well as substantial differences between the two tests.

The SAT is a culminating test of the College Board’s Suite of Assessments that comprises a series of tests starting from Grade 8. These standardized tests are meant to map a student’s progress, and match the scope and difficulty levels of school work Grade 8 onwards. The common score scale of these states is meant to provide consistent feedback for students to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and finally plan their way to college.

In March 2016, the SAT appeared in a new avatar with the test undergoing its most dramatic change in years. The scoring has reverted to a 1600 point scale; the essay task is analytical and has been made optional; the writing section has been rechristened the Writing & Language section; vocabulary is no longer tested; no more negative marking on the test; additional topics in Math; a no-calculator section in Math…. see what we mean by the word ’dramatic’!

The reason - the SAT needs to be more aligned with college readiness, and all these changes have been designed to make the test reflect the skills that undergraduate students need most to succeed in college.