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IIM Ahmedabad WAT Topics   WAT Topic of the Day

1. A person agrees with Ramachandra Guha's statement that awarding the Bharat Ratna to MM Malviya posthumously was a mistake. He then goes on to make his own assertions and argues that giving it to anyone posthumously is wrong, firstly since even his descendants cannot 'cash in' on the popularity post receipt of the award, and secondly that many groups would raise demand for awarding it even to 17th century heroes. Is the argument correct?

2. “Galileo and Pythagoras should be respected more than Shakespeare and Mozart because they impact civilisation as it is today.” Give logical points against this argument.

3. "I like smoking. No one can make me quit smoking because someone says so or advertises about its harmful effects. Anyway the woman's desires are not valued much in the society. Every activity a woman makes is put under close magnifying glasses. I want to smoke till my body gives up. The pungent smell and taste of the cigarette have become my favourites.” Analyse the argument. What do you think was the line of reasoning used that made the writer arrive at the statement one is making? Identify the assumptions and supplement with facts."

4. Tourism should be restricted by the government as it leads to breakdown of family structure, promiscuity, drug use etc. Is this argument justified?

5. There is X magazine. It has published an article ' Facebook causes syphilis' . According to X, people meet on Facebook and in many cases they go for casual sex, and this is increasing the cases of STDs. As an evidence they have quoted a report of some health organisation that has conducted some survey. Now analyse the argument given by X. Is it correct? Is it wrong? Give reasons. What are the assumptions behind this argument? What more evidences can be used to support/weaken the argument?

6. Teacher Training Programme in India has not been effective. No effective teachers are being produced through the training programme. It is better to stop all these Training Programmes and save public money to build toilets and infrastructures in Schools. Analyse and argue.

7. Introduction of Digital Textbooks in Kerala.

8. Evaluate the proposal to build shared toilets in Jaipur slums.

9. An extract from a memorandum is asking foreign nationals not to invest in India as the land is being taken away from poor people. Analyse the argument. Explain the reasons stated. What are the assumptions on which it is based? Why is the argument weak? What other facts can further support the claim?

10. An argument made by social workers to NRIs asking them neither to invest nor to do business in India to boost local business and production. Give justification for both strengthening and weakening the argument.

11. There was a debate about school exams getting easier. One group said pass percentage above 98% is so common. Other group quoted analogy from Mt. Everest climbers and the number of people ascending the mountain now as compared to mere 2 in 1953. Identify and evaluate the assumptions made by the speakers and also suggest a method for checking.

12. You recently came to know that the school in which you have studied is planning to replace book-based library with Computer Systems based library. Their argument is that students find books boring and time taking. But you feel books are the best method to learn, so you write to them to reconsider their decision. Identify and evaluate the assumptions made by the school and provide strong enough points to validate your views so that they change their decision.

13. ‘Car for All’ company which sells entry level cars is thinking about acquiring a luxury brand. "Car for All" company is very excited about it but they fear that their association with low cost car brands will turn down the customers. Analyse.

14. Telecom sector is planning a toll charge for Voice-over-internet and messaging applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, since they have huge investments and infrastructure costs unlike these apps.Analyze the reasons/arguments given and assumptions by telecom companies, and give arguments to weaken their argument, and arguments which can strengthen their argument.

15. Ancient Indian scientists haven't been given the due recognition. The ancient scriptures tell that Indian scientists had long before developed aviation technology. The Wright Brothers are unduly credited with the invention of the airplane. Identify the reasons, assumptions and analyse as to how rational the argument was.