Honchos' Corner

Vishnu Saraf

Vishnu Saraf

Founder and CEO of Truweight

I am privileged to have been taught by some of the best teachers, but there are three teachers, who have shaped my life, Vijay Jha sir is one of them. Sir's classes were most enjoyable classes I have ever attended. After every class, I would get a headache, as he made us think so much. But, I enjoyed the classes more than even watching a movie.

I don't think anybody can explain Math in a simpler way. For him, Math is not about formula, but it's all about simple logic. This is what makes him special. In my first attempt, I could not clear IIMs, but I had got calls from other top 10 B-Schools. Everybody advised me to join those schools. He was the only one who said, "You cannot join any of these B-School. I can give it to you in writing that you will go to IIM-A next year." It was his faith and guidance, that I could manage to get into a school, which was beyond my dreams.

Thank you sir for everything. I owe you a lot







Aseem Garg

Founder of Deep Chand Dialysis Center

A mediocre teacher tells the concepts. A good one ensures that the students understand the basics and concepts so that they can apply the concepts. A great teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Vijay Sir, makes you believe in the impossible so fiercely and raises your standards to match his and in the process produces miracles from you.

As a lot of his students will vouch Vijar sir's role extends beyond the classroom as he becomes your friend, philosopher and guide and impacts your life. For me personally, Vijay Sir is credited with turning my life around. For someone who did his engineering with 54% marks in five years and no other achievements to be able to crack IIM Bangalore was no short of a miracle. His primary job was to teach me quant but he did much more than that as he helped me prepare for the Personal Interviews stage also. From mental conditioning to making myself believe in cracking the top 3 IIMs despite my academic disadvantages he not only helped me career wise but also in the process made me a better much confident person than I ever was. The following quote sums it up beautifully:

A Great teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.





Sriharsha Majety

CEO of Swiggy

Vijay sir is one of the most terrific teachers I've learnt from in life. His sheer ability to make Mathematics interesting and fun makes his classes a real delight. I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to learn through strong fundamentals!





Rahul Agrawal

President-Investment, Sara Group

At the outset, I am highly grateful to Vijay for accepting me as his student. In order to prepare us for CAT, Vijay had methodically assessed our capabilities and then focused on our strengths and weaknesses. He would push us very hard to bring out our true potential. Vijay would also manage the anxiety during ups and downs of the preparedness. His ability to explain complicated concept in very simplistic manner is unmatched. He has always been a true mentor rather than just a teacher.





Akshay Sureka

Top Senior Executive at IBM New Zealand

I am from HansRaj College the batch of 2004, Physics (Honours) and XLRI batch of 2007. I have been a teacher for MBA coaching across multiple cities.I have never come across anyone better than Vijay Jha to mentor MBA candidates. Vijay is absolutely fantastic at great Quantity Aptitude and Exam strategies. However more than being a teacher, he knows how to motivate a candidate.

He is able to extract the maximum from his students, get them to put in that extra bit and motivate them to aim higher than their personal horizons. Vijay gave me the confidence that I can join a top business school. Before I knew I could join a top Business school, Vijay had known this for me. Where I am today as a top senior Exec at IBM New Zealand, I owe a lot to Vijay for the foundation he gave me. Thanks Vijay