Mentors who are passionate about your success,
as much as you are...

Ruchi Tomar

Ruchi has worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years and has donned many roles in her career, including Head of Academics, and Uber Trainer-Verbal Ability for The Princeton Review. The latter deserves a special mention as she was the first and only Uber Trainer outside the US. With more than a decade’s experience in preparing students for international education, she has witnessed the growing predilection in India for studies abroad; her vast experience and innate knowledge make her an apt mentor for students aspiring to study abroad. A high performer on the SAT, she focusses on building core skills required for the Verbal section of SAT/ACT. She also has the distinction of scoring 35/36 on the English section of the ACT.

Given her love for English, it is not surprising that she is a voracious reader; she also loves travelling and sweets in almost equal measure.

Saral Nashier

Saral is the QA and LR/DI face of Edmyt.

He has been infamous for making QA, DI and LR too saral a.k.a. simple for MBA preppers for more than a decade now. His, now famous, saral approach to ace these questions has wowed his students over and over. Each year, he appears for almost all the management entrance exams to understand the needs of his students, and has the notoriety of scoring 100 percentile in QA as well as LR/DI sections of CAT. Not leaving international tests behind, Saral too has perfect 800 scores each on SAT, SAT Math I and II Subject Tests.

Whenever he can get a break, Saral is ready to drive at a moment’s notice and head to the mountains.

Tarun Malik

Tarun has been guiding MBA aspirants for a decade and a half. His methodical approach to solving a problem is infectious, effective and efficient. Every year, he appears for almost all the aptitude tests for which he is eligible, and effortlessly tops the QA/LRDI sections. His achievements include 100 percentile in QA of CAT, 99.99 percentile in QA of XAT - owing to the fact that XAT does not give 100 percentile! Tarun has also hit a bull’s eye in international tests with perfect 800 scores: each on SAT, SAT Math I and II Subject Tests. He is one of the best bets a student has to get a perfect Math score on any test.

In his spare time, Tarun enjoys sketching. He is also a self-taught photographer and is an expert at macrophotography.

Amandeep Rajgotra

Just Aman to his friends-who are mostly his students-Amandeep has completed B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. After his graduation, he worked with one of the foremost banks of the country. He further deepened his juridical repertoire by working in litigation before moving on to work with one of the leading education companies of India. Teaching CLAT soon became his passion. In the last 5 years, he has touched the lives of more than 10,000 CLAT aspirants.

Aman is currently co-authoring a book on Legal Reasoning that is slated for release by an international publisher. He could be well on his way to publishing a travel guide on the mountains of India, given his penchant for travelling.

Disclaimer: The ‘A’ in CLAT does not stand for Aman.

Vijay Kalyan Jha

With a vast experience spanning more than 15 years, Vijay has worked across multiple verticals of the education industry ranging from MBA to Civil Services to Law, for both domestic and overseas sectors. Apart from designing educational products and creating content, Vijay is an inveterate test-taker and prolific performer in competitive exams. For instance, he has cleared CAT on multiple occasions, ranked #1 in CMAT 2012, cleared Civil Services Prelims, and held a CLAT rank. Part of our trio of perfect Math scorers, with an 800 on both the SAT and SAT Math I and II Subject Tests, Vijay decided to tackle the Verbal section of the SAT under Ruchi’s tutelage. His grammar score of 41 out of 44 is testimony to the Verbal mentoring at Edmyt.

Vijay is passionate about cricket and follows the Indian cricket team in all forms of the game. His expansive knowledge, especially about current affairs, makes him the go-to person for all at Edmyt.

Krishnendu Dutta

He likes to be called by his initials KD. For close to 14 years, he has been mentoring students in Verbal Ability and Personality Prep with undying zeal. He firmly believes that test prep should be fun and rigorous in equal proportion. His passion for reading is infectious, and his sessions are well known for sharp wit, hilarious examples, and, above all, rigorous logical approach. He loves to crack various entrance exams, and regularly scores over 99.9 percentile in VA in the CAT.

When not taking sessions, or reading, he can be found falling off his skate-board as an adventurer or falling for far-off places as a traveller.