Our Student Testimonial

Vishu Surana
AIR-5 AILET 2017, AIR-13 CLAT 2017

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, perseverance and learning from mistakes. This sums up exactly what edmyt taught me.

There were times during my preparation when I couldn't figure out what to do. However, the faculty at edmyt helped provide a direction and made me realise my true potential. I am extremely grateful to them for their constant support and encouragement.

To all future Law aspirants, preparing with them can significantly improve your chances to succeed. I wish them all the best in their endeavor to provide a holistic learning experience.

Thank you for everything.


Pratik Sahai
AIR-100 CLAT 2017

I Joined edmyt in December ā€™16 after spending roughly a year in one of the most known coaching institutes for law. I can therefore confidently say that after due comparison, edmyt surpasses others beyond imagination. The biggest reason behind this is the structure of the organization. Anywhere you go, faculty members typically lack the free hand to teach as per the student'sā€™ needs as the faculty members must stick to the pre-decided session plan. What made the biggest difference was the approach of attempting questions. The shortcuts, in a paper where you get 36 secs per question, were life-savers.

Another differentiator was the belief in simplifying rather than complicating concepts. No unnecessary books or sheets for us!! Apart from some necessary study material, there were 10 excellent mock papers (errorless J ). I can say without any bias that it is the best test series as I had already tried mocks of 3 other institutes. Reasons were numerous: some were too easy, some were totally irrelevant and some had so many errors that CLAT 17 looked errorless in comparison.

Only after joining edmyt I realized how possible cracking these entrance exams were. We were made to stick to the basics and relevant questions were made easier with short cuts and elimination method, especially in math.

However, the faculty members there make all the difference. Without any exaggeration, they are the best available faculty for law test preparation. Each one of them is at the top in her/ his respective subject but remains so accessible round the clock for doubts and hand-holding.

A big thank you to you all.


Shubhaankar Ray
AIR-113 CLAT 2017

edmyt has been instrumental in my success in CLAT 2017. The team from the very start of the course has given each one of us personal attention in realizing our strengths and weaknesses.

Their material along with regular mocks was most helpful in giving me the edge needed to succeed in this test.

The entire team especially Aman Sir and Vijay Sir spent hours with me telling me how to perfect my strengths and how to tackle weak areas. Maths was one of the subjects where I was initially very weak. However, edmyt has helped turn it around. Apart from teaching us the subjects they gave us an analysis after each test which helped us tremendously to face any pattern of CLAT. Throughout the course they gave us General Knowledge modules which apart from being regular compendiums helped us develop our own strategies to deal with the General Knowledge section whether it be static or current affairs. The entire course was structured to make us achieve the best possible. Thanks.