CLATest Series

CLATest Series by Edmyt is the result of years of intensive research and professional experience of our experts, and is crafted to provide you an exhaustive practice schedule. The series includes 10 full-length tests that by simulate the actual exam for an all-round preparation. You get:

  • 8 computer-based tests modelled on CLAT
  • 4 paper-based tests modelled on AILET

We pride ourselves on our error-free and extremely relevant content for CLAT and AILET to help you review your performance and correct your mistakes.

Mock Test Dates
All India free Mock Test Available Now
Mock Test 1 Available Now
Mock Test 2 19th March, 2017
Mock Test 3 26th March, 2017
Mock Test 4 2nd April, 2017
Mock Test 5 9th April, 2017
Mock Test 6 15th April, 2017
Mock Test 7 16th April, 2017
Mock Test 8 23rd April, 2017
Mock Test 9 30th April, 2017
Mock Test 10 8th May, 2017
Mock Test 11 10th May, 2017
Note: dates may be subject to changes due to contingency

Fee: Rs 2,500

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