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TISSNET 2017 MA in HR cutoff - General - 85-87
TISSNET 2017 Exam Analysis   TISSNET 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers

TISSNET 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers

TISSNET 2017 English Section Memory based Questions and Answers

1. A country that ensures equal rights for its citizens.
Ans.: democracy

2. He has changed a lot. He is a far ____ from what he used to be.
Ans.: cry

3. Spot the odd one out – friendly, pompous, affable, pleasant
Ans.: pompous

4. He has been arrested for marrying many times.
Ans.: polygamy

5. Antonym of precarious
Ans.: secure

6. Analogy - dirty: filthy :: silly
Ans.: frivolous

7. A person who knows and speaks several languages and is able to converse with others
Ans.: polyglot

8. He looks unreliable. But we can hire him because we cannot judge a book by its ____.
Ans.: cover

9. Me and my sister went to the mall to shop.
Ans.: ‘me and my sister’ is incorrect. The correct use is ‘my sister and I’’.

10. Analogy - chase: pursue : : bewilder: ?
Ans.: perplex

11. Odd one out – tsunami, earthquake, flood, famine
Ans.: famine

12. A doctor who takes care of new born babies
Ans.: neonatologist

13. We cannot hire someone who runs away from law as he is a ______.
Ans.: fugitive

14. A research student is expected to ______ his/her sources.
Ans.: cite

15. I am looking up my keys.
Ans.:‘looking up’ is incorrect. The correct answer is ‘looking for’.

16. No sooner do the bell ring than the children ran out.
Ans.: ‘do the bell ring’ is incorrect. The correct use is ‘did the bell ring’.

17. How did you solve the puzzle? Your _____ is as good as mine.
Ans.: guess

18. Analogy - enthusiasm: enthuse :: excitement : ?
Ans.: excite

19. They kept their marriage a secret. But now they have to let the____ out of the bag.
Ans.: cat

20. Analogy -encourage : discourage : : pacify : ?
Ans.: provoke

21. Industrialization has severely effectedthe environment.
Ans.: ‘effected’ is incorrect usage. The correct word is ‘affected’.

22. Antonym of trivial –
Ans.: pertinent

23. There are very few people in the world that doesn’t like…
Ans.: ‘who don’t like’ is incorrect. The correct answer is ‘who don’t like’

24. He is waiting for you since …
Ans.: ‘he is waiting’ is incorrect. The correct use of the tense is ‘he has been waiting’.

25. Odd one out – reporter, editor, columnist, playwright
Ans.: Playwright

TISSNET 2017 QA, DI and LR section memory based Questions and Answers

1. Set A consists of first 10 whole numbers. Set B contains first 10 natural numbers…..
Ans: 2

2. Set Theory questions: 2100 people play Badminton, 1750 like Chess…..
Ans: 2750

3. Blood relation: Pushpa is mother of Kamala who is sister of Dilip…..
Ans: Grandmother

4. Five people, F1, F2, … F5. F1 and F4 are unmarried females, No females plays Chess or Tennis…… who play chess?
Ans: F5

5. P, Q, R, S and T represents numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. P is odd, Q is neither 4 or 5….. Order of numbers?
Ans: 32145

6. Number of rectangles in the grid?
Ans: 315

7. 7, 10, 19, 46, 127…
Ans: 370

8. Prajita is 7th from starting and 35th from last. Number of people except the three people?
Ans: 38

9. Statement conclusion question:
Ans: Domestic consumers more electricity than industrial consumers……

10. 3*4*5
Ans: answer was not in the options

11. Set theory question: 35% people have smart TV, 25% have luxury Hutch back. Total number of people?
Ans: 100

12. 2, 10, 30, ….., 130
Ans: 68

13. Cuboid cutting question: dimension – 8*6*5…. How many cubes have all 3 sides painted?
Ans: 8

14. DrBappa has 5 gold rings. R1 to R5…. Arrange in decreasing order.
Ans: R1 R2 R5 R4 R3

15. A, DE, IJK,

16. Average of first 7 prime numbers?
Ans: 8.28

17. In a triangle, one of the acute angle is twice of other. Find the smallest angle.
Ans: 30

18. Average of Anil, Bimal, Candy is 84. If Dorothy was added the average becomes 80…. Find weight of Anil.
Ans: 75

19. In an isosceles triangle, AB = AC, angle A is 8 times the base angle. Find half of angle A.
Ans: 72

20. Atmaram had Rs. 78,00,000 which was distributer among his 3 sons….
Ans: 12,00,000

21. Anand sold an article at 8% discount after making 25% profit…. Find Cost Price.
Ans: 29,440

22. If 65% of X is 2900 more than 36% of X…
Ans: 12200

23. DI question: Realization from export of AB in million dollars in 7 months. Find ratio of difference of 3rd and 7th and 2nd and 6th.
Ans: 3 : 1

24. K Tea, Kun Tea, Sun tree, Ruk Money question:
Ans: 5 : 2

25. Di question: Sales, Expenditure, Interest etc are given of A and X. Find ratio of Interest and Depreciation of A and X.
Ans: 4 : 1

26. DI question: Transportation and Communication… Revised estimate is how much more than Budget estimate?
Ans: 15%

27. DI question: Brand Big and Brand Boss…. Find compounded annual increase from 2014 to 2016.
Ans: 10%

28. DI question: spending of Rs. 13.6 cr on Orphan girls…. Vocational and Health is how much more than clothing and Day Meal?
Ans: 122.22%

29. Pie chart question:
Ans: 10712*

30. Mix Graph on Line and Bar Graph ..
Ans: 3

TISSNET 2017 GK section memory based Questions and Answers

1. Kathakali is a dance form from which state?
Ans: Kerala

2. Who was the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh
Ans: Tajuddin Ahmad

3. Which organ can regenerate itself?
Ans: Liver

4. Which sector's contribution in India's GDP has increased the most in past few years?
Ans: Services

5. Sachar committee pertains to socioeconomic condition of
Ans: Muslims

6. Dipa Karmakar is associated with which sport?
Ans: Gymnastics

7. Ozone layer is found in
Ans: Stratosphere

8. Atal Pension Yojna is for
Ans: old persons in unorganized sector

9. Section 377 pertains to
Ans: Homosexuality

10. Vishakha judgment pertains to
Ans: Sexual harassment

11. Who's the author of Poverty and Un-british rule in India?
Ans: Dada bhai Naoroji

12. 1857 first war of Indian Independence is also known as
Ans: Indian mutiny

13. Australian Antigen relates to
Ans: Hepatitis B

14. Nitish Katara murder case was classified as
Ans: Honour killing

15. Computer language used for AI
Ans: Prolog

16. Share of Agriculture in India's GDP
Ans: 15%

17. Rowlatt Act was passed in the year
Ans: 1919

18. Aadhe Adhure was authored by
Ans: Mohan Rakesh 

19: Which of the following is not a Traditional Gharana for Kathak?
Ans: Bikaner

20. Matriliny is practised in which tribe?
Ans: Khasi

21. Which terrorist organisation is based in North Nigeria?
Ans: Boko Haram

22. Forest Rights Act: holder of forest rights under the recognition of forest rights act 2006 are empowered to
Ans: All the 3 options were correct

23. Permit representing right to emit Carbon?
Ans: Carbon credit

24. Which of the following won Gold in Rio olympics singles badminton?
Ans: Carolina Marin

25. Operation Flood pertains to
Ans: Milk

26. ESI is for
Ans: Health insurance and social security

27. India’s entry for Oscars 2016
Ans: Visaranai

28. Who of the following is also known as "Frontier Gandhi"?
Ans: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

29. Industrial expansion has led to increase in concentration of which gas?
Ans: Carbon Dioxide

30. NPT relates to
Ans: Nuclear proliferation

31. Which of the following is an indirect tax?
Ans: Goods & Services Tax

32. Irom Sharmila is from which state?
Ans: Manipur

33. The objective of BIFR is
Ans: Reviving sick companies

34. Which of the following is not under UN?

35. Which of the following protocols deals with reduction in emission of greenhouse gases?
Ans: Kyoto protocol

36. How does National Food Security Act lead to women empowerment?
Ans: Eldest woman of the household to be head of the household for the purpose of issuing ration cards

37. Indus Waters Treaty was signed by Jawaharlal Nehru and
Ans: Ayub Khan

38. Which of the following committees pertains to BCCI?
Ans: Lodha committee

39. Magasasy Award 2016 was awarded to
Ans: Bezwada Wilson and T.M. Krishna

40. Minimum Wages Act was enacted in the year
Ans: 1948

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