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SNAP 2016 Exam Analysis   SNAP 2016 Memory Based Questions and Answers

SNAP 2016 Memory Based Questions and Answers

SNAP 2016 GK Section Memory based Questions and Answers

1.         Name of mini satellite developed by engineering students and launched by ISRO 
            Ans.: Swayam
2.         Animal carried out an attack  on 2 year old guy at Disneyland
            Ans.: Alligator

3.         British MP shot to death
            Ans.: JO Cox

4.         Name of Chinese Humanoid robot?
           Ans.: Jia Jia

5.         Germany defeated which country to win FIFA 2014?
           Ans.: Argentina

6.         Kigali Agreement is related to
           Ans.: Hydrofluorocarbons

7.         Indian company in Top 50 global R&D spenders
           Ans.: Tata Motors

8.         What is equal to Women’s “Davis Cup”?
           Ans.: Fed Cup
9.         Indian female who retired as Chairperson of HSBC India.
           Ans.: Naina Lal Kidwai

10.        Name of Google’s instant messenger
           Ans.: Allo

11.        Who took control of Time Warner Cable

            Ans.: Charter Communications

12.        The current Vice President of US?
           Ans.: Joe Biden

13.        Youngest cricketer to score 10000 test runs?
           Ans.: Alastair Cook

14.        Indian scientist honored by the International Astronautical Federation’s Hall of Fame award in 2016.
           Ans.: U. R. Rao

15.        first Muslim mayor of London?
           Ans.: Sadiq Khan

16.        Which organization is going to acquire Linkedln?
           Ans.: Microsoft

17.        Flipkart acquired  this portal?
           Ans.: Jabong

18.        Name of the operation to evacuate Indians stranded in South Sudan ?
           Ans.: Sankat Mochan

19.        Who has been awarded with the Lata Mangeshkar Award for Lifetime Achievement

            Ans.: Uttam Singh

20.        World’s largest solar power plant is located in
           Ans.: Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu

21.        Name of the project making Indian National Highways free of Railway Crossings?
           Ans.: Setu Bharatam

22.        First African-American on the new series of US$20 currency notes?
           Ans.: Harriet Tubman

23.        Which movie was awarded the Oscar in 2016 for Best Picture?
           Ans.: Spotlight

24.      Dell Inc. acquired which company in 2016
          Ans.: EMC Corp

25.       Match the following

           Urjit Patel : Governor of RBI
           Mark Carney : Governor of Bank of England
           Janet Yellen : Chair. of the US Federal Reserve
           Mario Draghi : President of European Central Bank

26.       Which sports person was sentenced  for imprisonment for murdering his girlfriend.
           Ans.: Oscar Pistorious

27.        Football club promoted to the Premier League in the current season
           Ans.: Burnley
28.       2016 Nobel Prize for Literature
           Ans.: Bob Dylan

29.       New UN Secretary General?
           Ans.: Antonio Guterres

30.       Who Beat Michael Phelps in Rio Olympics.
           Ans.: Joseph Schooling

SNAP 2016 LR Section Memory based Questions and Answers

1.       Number of ways of writing 100 in form of mixed numbers?
Ans: 11

2.       Missing letters from S, _, M, F, T, M, _
Ans: J, W

3.        Mixture of lemon juice and orange juice. The resulting mixture have
Ans: The same amount in each

4          A boat going down where water is coming at 30 inches per hour
Ans: The boat has submerged


6.        Next 2 numbers in series 1, 2, 8, -10, -------
Ans: 98, -442

7-10.  Input output type questions:
Ans: The logic: In 1st step the largest number came ahead, in 2nd step the smallest number came ahead, in 3 rd step 2nd largest number came ahead, in 4th step 2nd
smallest number came ahead and so on. The answer options were c, b, b, and d.

11.     A mobile application which can predict death. Conclusion based question
Ans: 2nd and 4th statements were true

12.      A word PUBLIC was to be coded from two given tables
Ans: 3rd option-12, 30, 87, 41, 66, 33

13.      A table with series of numbers as 24, 39 70 etc.

14.      A table with only 0’s and 1’s in which last row was to be calculated

15.      A table with A, B, C and D at the top, then 17, 2, 34, 3 in next row etc
Ans: 408

16.      Three circles to be moved from the pyramid to vertically flip
Ans: A, G, J

17.      Largest number among Roman numerals

18.      Four volumes of books with thickness 4cm each. A book worm eats it away from top to bottom
Ans: 16 cm

19.      Number of triangles in the given figure
Ans: 23

20.      7 friends went to a party with t-shirts of colours Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and violet. Colour of t-shirt of 7th boy
Ans: Indigo

21.      At what time the hand meet between 2 and 3 pm.
Ans: 10.9090 minutes past Two

22.      Independence day in 1988 was on Wednesday. In 1989 it was on
Ans: Thursday

23.      A man on the middle step of a ladder goes 6 steps up, then 10 down then 18 up to reach the top. How many steps are there in the ladder.
Ans: 29 steps

24.      A + B means A is the brother of B; A – B means A is the mother of B then what represents C is the maternal uncle of D
Ans: C + K – D

25.      4 -2 = 6, 15 – 3 = 12, 13 – 2 = 26 then 35 – 5 is
Ans: 07

26.      In a class of 100 students, 10 had no knowledge of Calculus or English. 70 know calculus and 82 know English. How many of them know both?
Ans: 62

27.      A cutter can cut any wooden log in 1 minute. Time taken to cut a 15 feet piece in 15 pieces of 1 feet each.
Ans: 14 minutes

28.      A is the father of C and D is son of B etc.
Ans: Sister in law

29.      David, Jack, Henry, Paul and Peter in a row. David is next to Jack and Henry etc. Which of the given statements are true?

  1. Jack is next to Henry
  2. David is in middle
  3. Henry is next to David
  4. Paul is next to Jack
Ans: II and III are true.

30.      Find the odd one out from 4174, 5174, 6174, 7174.
Ans: 6174

31.      Average height of A, B, C and D is 74 inches. The heights of A, B and C are increasing by 2 and of D is 6 more than C. Height of tallest person.
Ans- 78 or 80 inches

32.      Amit says 0 degree Celsius is 32 degree Fahrenheit and Sumit says -40 degree Celsius is -40 degree Fahrenheit. Who is correct
Ans: Both are correct

33.      A boy stuck in a 30m trap. In the day he goes up by 3m and comes down by 2m in the night. How many days will be taken to come out of trap?
Ans: 28 days

34.      Money : 144 :: Dollar: ?
Ans: 124

35. A figure in which each image had 4 lines
Ans: Option A

36.      A figue with a circle, the amoeba kind of figure and then an oval
Ans: C

37.      30 stations from A to B. How many different tickets are required
Ans: 870

38.      Many political parties doing an agitation in peak traffic hours. What immediate steps should be taken by government
Ans: Only II

39.      A circle with, 180, 370, 750, 1510, 3030, ??
Ans: None of the above (6070)

40.      Find the missing number in the table with 2, 3 and 5 in top row, 9, 17 and 33 in second row, 65, 129 and ?? in 3rd row
Ans: 257

SNAP 2016 English Section Memory based Questions and Answers

1. The Prime Minister SPENT the day

2. Marine Algae PLAYS a key role

3. Which was HIGHER than the fatalities

4. The people were awaiting the arrival of the new pet on the campus

5. Well loved for his MAGNANIMOUS/GENEROUS nature

6. Had little cause to REGRET/RUE the decision

7. Doubtful about making a judgement is AGNOSTIC

8. Deja Vu is ALREADY SEEN

9. Sunflower, Moonlight, etc. are all COMPOUND WORDS

10.Nadir is the LOWEST POINT

11. Abstruse is PERPLEXING

12. Ebullient is JOVIAL

13. Please ADVISE me, so that I can follow the ADVICE

14. He was ALLUDING to the prisoner who was trying to ELUDE the police.

15. Discrete is UNOBTRUSIVE and Discreet is UNCONNECTED

16. Ingenious is CLEVER and Ingenuous is INNOCENT

17. Antonym of Gregarious is RESERVED

18.Antonym of Querulous is AFFABLE

19. Antonym of Lucid is OBSCURE

20. Achilles' heel is VULNERABLE POINT

21. Wealthy:Indigent is GRACEFUL:GAUCHE

22. Almond:Nut is CHEDDAR:CHEESE

23. Chaff:Wheat is DREGS:WINE

24. Baker's dozen is THIRTEEN

SNAP 2016 QA Section Memory based Questions and Answers

1.         Some dogs catch some cats. Total cats are 99919. Total number of dogs are less than number of cats…
Ans.: None of these

2.         A and B are 27 steps away. 5 steps of A = 8 steps of B in some time.Distance of 2 steps of A = 5 steps of B…..
Ans.: 30 steps.

3.         Some bells in a temple ring simultaneously 18 times a day…., maximum number of bells:
Ans.: 10

4.         There are 12 balls in which some are red. If 3 red balls were added, the probability of selecting red balls doubled… Find the number of red balls.
Ans.:None of these

5.         Average age of males = 32 and that of females = 21 and average of group = 28. What can be total number of people?
Ans.: 231

6.         log tan 1° + log tan 2° + log tan 3° + ----- + log tan 89° = ?
Ans.: 0

7.         Front wheel of a vehicle took 4 revolutions more than the back wheel to cover 96 inches….
Ans.: 8 ft.


9.         A speaks truth on60% of occasion and B speaks truth on 80% of occasions. Find the probability that they say the same thing…
Ans.: 0.56

10.        There are some men and 2 women. Number of games between men are 66 more than number of games between men and women…
Ans.: 13

11.        A man purchases sugar on a weighting machine which shows 1200 grams for 1 kg.and sells at 20% mark-up…
Ans.: No profit no loss

12.        Ram is twice efficient then Shyam. Shyam takes 15 days to do a work….
Ans.: 2 days


13.        Find the unit digit of

Ans.: 7

14.        Coach train question. When 25 persons are seated, 71.43% seats are occupied. 20% of seats are not filled…
Ans.: 980

15.        A man starts when a clock showsAhrs B minutes and comes back when the clock shows B hrs C minutes. He stays out for C hrsA minutes. How many values of A are possible?
Ans.: 1

16.        If unit digit of 129 × 206 × 47$ × 1484 is 2. Find the value of $.
Ans.: 7

17.        A ball was dropped from 8 ft and jumps back. Every time its height becomes half…
Ans.: 47.75

18.        A man walks from A to B and comes back on bike in 5 hrs. If he goes from A to B and comes back on bike (both side), he saves 3 hrs….
Ans.:  hrs.

19.        A man marks-up the C.P. of an article by 80% and gives discount of 25%. He also weighs 900 grams from 1 kg…
Ans.: 50%

Ans.: 60°

21.        HCF of P and Q is 1. Find LCM.
Ans.: P × Q

22.        Solve [(x + y)3 – (x – y)3 – 6y (x2 – y2)] × y
Ans.: None of these.

Ans.: a = 2, b = – 5/6

24.        Find number of zeros in [(5!)5!+ (10!)10!+ (15!)15! +….+(80!)80!]
Ans.: 120

25.        There is an equilateral of side 24 cm. Another triangle is formed by joining mid points of sides and so on….
Ans.: 144

26.        In an octagon, how many triangles can be formed with no side common to side of the octagon?
Ans.: 16

27.        6 varieties of fruits, a box can contain minimum 10 and maximum 15 fruits… Maximum fruits = ?
Ans.: 375

Find n and average
Ans.: n = 30, 17/3

29.        A and B invested in the ratio 4 : 5. After 3 months A withdraws 1/4th of investment….
Ans.: 330

30.        Set theory question outdoor and indoor sports.
Ans.: 30


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