MICAT 2 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis    MICAT 2017 Memory Based Q&A    MICAT-2 2017 Exam Analysis    MICAT-2 2017 Memory Based Q&A

MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis

A breeze after CAT!!!
This analysis is very different from other analyses (except that of NMAT) as it may enable you to make amends-if need be-just 63 days down the line with MICAT 2 on February 12!!!

As close to 10% people will be selected for the next round we expect an overall cutoff of 59-61.
The sectional cutoff looks to be in the vicinity of the following:

Sections Sectional Cutoff
A- Divergent-Convergent Reasoning 9-10
B - General awareness 6-7
C- Verbal ability 15-16
D- Quantitative ability 7-8
Overall 59-61
After a 2-minute typing test, the first task --Descriptive Test (DT)- had 4 questions. Three questions were related to the topic" Expert-Opinion is critical for geo-political developments" and the 4th one expected test takers to create a story on the basis of 4 given pictures after arranging these pictures in a sequence. For all 4 questions one had 35 minutes. One needed to be a good time keeper in order to do justice to all 4 questions. Many MICAT takers spent too much time on the first three questions and were left with hardly any time for the 4th one.

Ideally, the first 3 questions should have been finished in 20 minutes to leave 15 minutes for something as abstract as story creation. One had to write- 

1. 3 points in favour of the topic,
2. 3 points against it, and
3. a conclusion in around 200 words expressing a  clear stand in –a neutral opinion was not accepted.
4. The final task was a story that had to be written in around 300 words. Pictures  given were:

  • E-scrap
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis

  • Two boys playing on a bench
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis

  • A room full of books (upto the ceiling)
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis

  • Underwater shot of a turtle
MICAT 2017 Exam Analysis

Though DT appears before the sections on Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability (VA), General Awareness (GA), and Divergent-Convergent Reasoning (DCR), DT will be evaluated only for those candidates who clear Sectional Cutoffs in each of QA, VA, GA and DCR.

The test also had a 35 question Psychometric Test to be done in 25 minutes. One needed to be extremely careful here as in order to stand a chance in the overall selection processall 35 questions had to be attempted. Time management was critical as there were 10 questions which expected you to arrange your 6 preferences. This section should NOT be taken lightly at all.

The next (and the last) part of the test had 102 questions to be attempted in an hour and 45 minutes. This was the only section with negative marking with -0.25 for each incorrect answer. Most questions on this section were doable, though Quantitative Aptitude had at least 10 questions which were good enough to be part of QA Section of CAT 2016. The difficulty level of this section was a surprise for many. The General Awareness section, too, was mostly doable and had a healthy mixture of questions from all walks of life. The Reasoning section was easier in comparison to some of the previous MICATs mostly because of relatively easy "clue" questions. Most of the words on the Verbal Ability section were easy to deal with, with an exception of 'truculent'.

Overall Breakup

  Sections Time allotted
Part 1 Descriptive Test 35 Min
Part 2 Psychometric 25Min

Part 3
A- Divergent-Convergent Reasoning  

1Hr 45 Min
B - General awareness
C- Verbal ability
D- Quantitative ability
Sectional Breakup

Quantitative Ability

Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Arithmetic 8 Moderate – Tough
Numbers 1 Tough
Algebra 6 Moderate – Tough
Geometry 1 Easy
Trigonometry 1 Easy
Set Theory 2 Moderate
DI 2 sets of 3 questions each Easy
Total 25 Moderate - Tough

Divergent-Convergent Reasoning

Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Clue based 15 Moderate – tough
Assumptions 4 Moderate
Logic based Data Sufficiency 4 Moderate
Visual Reasoning 4 Easy – Moderate
Total 30 Moderate – Tough

Verbal ability

Topic Number of questions Level of Difficulty
Para Jumbles 3 Easy
Reading Comprehension 5 (1 RC) Easy
Vocab Based 8-9 Easy
Grammar 8-9 Easy
Total 25 Easy

The result of MICAT will be declared on 19th December, 2016. Those students who are not quite there should keep in mind that the application process for MICAT 2nd round starts on January 3. You have 63 days to get even.

Those who are worrying about their CAT scores adversely impacting MICA prospects also have something to cheer about – CAT scores count for only 2% weight in the process.