CAT 2017 Exam Analysis
CMAT 2017 Exam Analysis   CMAT 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers

CMAT 2017 Exam Analysis

CMAT is conducted by AICTE. It is a computer based examination of 3-hour duration. It has 4 sections, but no sectional time limits. The sections are Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Logical Reasoning and Language Comprehension. There are 25 questions-carrying a maximum of 100 marks- in each section. Thus, if you get an answer right you are awarded with 4 marks and if you get it wrong you are penalized with 1 mark.

CMAT 2017 had just one surprise: only one error in the entire test!!! 

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation:
Quantitative aptitude this time was easy as usual. Except for 2 or 3 questions, there were no challenges in the entire section. A score of 75-80 was easily achievable in this section in 55-65.

The break-up of the questions according to the topics was as follows:

  Number of Questions Difficulty level
Arithmetic 9 Easy – Moderate
Numbers 5 Easy
Algebra 6 Easy – Moderate
Geometry 2 Easy
Trigonometry 1 Moderate
Series 1 Easy
Data Interpretation 1 Easy

Logical Reasoning:

Reasoning section was slightly tougher than the Quantitative Aptitude section. The section contained some questions on mathematical topics like clocks and calendars too. A score of 65-75 was easily achievable in this section by giving it 60-70 minutes.

The break-up of the questions according to the topics was as follows:

  Number of Questions Difficulty level
Arrangement based 7 Easy – moderate
Mathematical 4 Easy
Cube cutting 2 Easy
Inference/Conclusion based 2 Easy
Coding 3 Easy – Moderate
Relations 1 Easy
Set Theory 2 Easy
Syllogism 1 Moderate
Input – output 1 Moderate
Miscellaneous 2 Easy

Language Comprehension

There were a total of 4 passages on topics like Film Review clubs, Management Information System (MIS), symbiotic relationship between politicians and bureaucrats, etc. All these passages were easy to read and even the questions, barring one or two, were also very direct. There were some words like zealot, partisan, etc. used in the Usage section. A score of 65-70 was easily possible here by devoting some 45-50 minutes to this section.

  Number of Questions Difficulty level
Reading Comprehension 15 (4 passages, 1*6+3*3) Esay
English Usage 10 Easy

General Awareness
This section was a mixture of questions from Current Affairs (9 questions) and static general knowledge.

There were a few “quiz” type questions as well: PhirozeJeejeebhoy Towers of Mumbai is popularly known as (Bombay Stock Exchange)!!!
A score of 50-60 was possible in 15-20 minutes in this section. There were questions which could have been done with help of the options:

Which of the following is not a feature of Smart Cities?
One of the options was “people should be smartly dressed”!

As the difficulty level of almost all the sections (may be except that of Logical Reasoning) was low and one had 180 minutes to do the test, a score of 260-180 was easily possible in this test.

Edmyt wishes the CMAT 2017 takers all the very best!!!