CAT 2017 Exam Analysis
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CMAT 2017 Exam Analysis   CMAT 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers

CMAT 2017 Memory Based Questions and Answers

CMAT 2017 GK section memory based Questions and Answers

1. The country with which India has the longest international boundary?
 Answer: Bangladesh

2. India recently defeated New Zealand in a landmark test match at Kanpur, this was India's: 
Answer: 500th test

3. Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers is popularly known as: 
Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange

4. Which of the following got  Ballon D'or award 2016 was given to: 
Answer: Ronaldo

5. In which of the countries was Demonetization implemented after Demonetization in India: 
Answer: Venezuela

6. Other than Assam which only Indian state does the river Brahmaputra flow through? 
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

7. Brahmos has been named after 2: 
Answer: rivers

8. How many pillars are there in the emblem of digital India? 
Answer: 9

9. Ease of doing business index is prepared by: 
Answer: World Bank group

10. Which of the following is not related to Income Tax
Sugam, UIDAI, ITR, Sulabh
Answer: UIDAI

11. Which of the following is not a feature of Smart City in India?
Answer: Citizens should be dressed smartly

12. Who among the following won the Nobel prize?
Answer: Bob Dylan

13. The flower from which the saffron comes out from which flower: 
Answer: Crocus Sativus

14. Which famous writer had said "make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait": 
Answer: Charles Dickens

15. the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gm of water by 1 degree: 
Answer: 1 calorie

16. Plants use nitrates from the soil and convert them into: 
Answer: nitrogen

17. Which of the following articles is used to implement President's rule in a state:
Answer: Article 356

18. Top company in India as per market capitalization is: 
Answer: TCS

19. Rechargeable batteries are also known as Secondary cells

20. Which of the following is the cleanest form of energy?
Answer: Windmill energy

21. The father of Indian Constitution: 
Answer: Dr. B R Ambedkar

22. Which of the following is/are from Hundai?
a. Creta b. Verna c. Xcent d. Corolla e. Accord
Answer: a, b and C

CMAT 2017 QA section memory based Questions and Answers

1. Number of players from Mumbai is thrice the number of players from Kolkata. Total number of players in Mumbai and Kolkata combined is twice the number of players from Chennai. What is the ratio of number of players from Chennai and Kolkata?                                   
Ans: 2 : 1

2. Area of a circle is 16π. Find the length of the arc of the circle which makes an angle of 600 with the center.                                                                                                                                           
Ans: 4π/3

3. Find the maximum value of 3 Cos x + 4 Sin x + 5.                                                                               
Ans: 10

4. When P is divided by 5, the remainder is 4. When 3P is divided by 5 the remainder will be
Ans: 2

5. Find the next two terms in the series 2, 9, 3, 8, 4, 7, …..                                                 
Ans: 5, 6

6. AMof two numbers is 15. The larger number is 2 times the smaller number. What is the smaller number?
Ans: 10

7. In a 400 m race, A gives B a start of 5 secs and beats him by 25 m. In another race of 400 m A beats B by 7 secs. What is the speed of A?                                                                               
Ans: 8 m/s

8. If 0 < k < 1, then which of the following has the highest value?

A) 1/                     b) 1/k2                  c) 1/ d) 1/k+2                                              
Ans: b

9. There are 40 players. 15 of them are in Super league and rest are in premiere league. Top 40% of the players from Super league and top 20% of the players from premiere league are selected for a top league. What % of the total players got selected for top league?    
Ans: 27.5%

10. If x – y = 8, then which of the following is definitely true?
i Both x and y are positive.
ii If x is positive, then y is negative
iii If x is negative, then y is negative                                                                            
Ans: Only iii

11. A shopkeeper gives some discount to all the customers who purchases 5 or more articles. Vijay went to purchase 4 articles and noticed that if he purchases 4 or 5 articles, he had to pay the same amount. What is the discount offered?                                                                             
Ans: 20%

12. Cost price of a cycle is 1200 Rs. and selling price is 1140 Rs. What is the loss %?    
Ans: 5%

13. If the value of x is 4 then find the perimeter of the circle.                                             
Ans: 4π


14. If x2 – 3x = 10 then which of the following is equal to zero? A) x2 – 10x + 25 b) x2 + 4x + 4 c) x2 – 4x + 4 d) x2 – 4x + 5                                                                                                                               
Ans: c

15. What is the ratio of the number of students going to school from cities A and B with the total number of cities from D and E?                                                                                                              
Ans: 3: 10

16. Which of the following is largest? 4/5, 1/4, 2/3                                                                   
Ans: 4/5

17. Saumya spends 20% more on dresses than she spends on purchasing a phone. If she spends a total of 55000 then how much she spends on phone?                                                           
Ans: 25000

18. After Brexit, the stock prices of NSE fell by 2% in 1st year and by 1% in the 2nd year. By what percentage it should increase in the next year to go back to the original value.             
Ans: 3.07%

19.  = 3 then solve for x                                                                                                            
Ans: 18

20. It takes 5 hours to drive to a place and walking back. One can save 3 hours by driving both ways. What will be the total time taken if one walk both ways?                                               
Ans: 8 hours

21. What is the angle between two lines 2x + 3y + 5 = 0 and 3x – 2y + 3 = 0                  
Ans: 900

22. Zoya makes dolls on weekdays and her husband helps her on the weekends. On weekends she makes 40% more dolls and spends 30% less time. What is the percentage increase in her per hour efficiency?                                                                                                                                       
Ans: 100%

23. X2 + 3x – 18 = (x – A)(x – B) then what is the value of B – A?                                        
Ans: 3

24. Ajay purchases 20 pencils. The pencils of Brand A cost 4.5 Rs per piece and pencils of brand B cost 6 Rs per piece. If he spends Rs 111 in total then how many pencils of brand B he purchased?
Ans: 14

25. What is the angle between two lines 2x2 – 7xy + 3y2 = 0                                                
Ans: 45

CMAT 2017 LR section memory based Questions and Answers

1) Difference between two double digit numbers is 36. If the numbers are formed by reversing the digits of each other then, how many such pairs exist?
Ans: 5

2) Who is tallest?
i) Parul is taller than Anu but Tanya is not the tallest.
ii) Ravi is taller than Parul but Sonal is not tallest.
Ans: Both

3) P, Q, R, S and T are going to C, K, D, B and H using Bus, train, aero plane, car and boat. D is not going by boat. R is going to B using car whereas Q is going to K using aero plane. S is using boat. T is going by train. M is not connected by bus from D and C. for Sashi which of the following is true? I) D – B ii) C – B iii) C – Boat iv) Data inadequate

4) A + B means A is the father of B etc. Which of the following symbols should come in place of ? if T is the sister in law of Q? R % T P ? Q + V (mistake in the question)

5) What was the day on 26 January 2012?
Ans: Thursday

6) 50 students in NCC. 37 of them completed bridge crossing and 38 complete rock climbing. If 30 did both then how many could not complete even one?
Ans: 5

7) 2E3 : 4I5 : 7O8 : ??
Ans: 10U11

8) Which of the numbers represents men with private jobs having TOI?

Ans: 2

9) How many times in a day the two hands of a clock are in straight line and pointing in opposite directions?
Ans: 22

10) Raja, Aman, Monu and Nadeem are the cousins of Rani, Sulekha, Monika and Suhani. Each boy has one sister but with different initials of their names. Monu and Nadeem are not the brothers of Sulekha and Suhani. Suhani is not Raja’s sister. Which of the following are not cousins?
a) Naddem and Rani b) Aman and Suhani c) Raja and Monika d) Monu and Sulekha

11) Find the conclusion from the given statements:
i) All balls are packets
ii) All packets are bats
iii) Some bats are caps
iv) Some caps are pins

(I) Some pins are bats
(II) Some caps are packets
(III) Some bats are balls
a) Only I is true b) Only II is true c) Only III is true d) none of these

12) Input: Clothes keep clean you all away from never
Step I: All clean clothes you away from never keep
Step II: away clothes all you from never keep clean and so on

13) Five football players Wayne, Lionel, Ronaldo, John and Messi are playing as striker, W, F, Goalkeeper and Midfielder playing for England, Spain, Italy and Germany. John is from Italy. Ronaldo is neither from Germany nor England and is neither midfielder not goalkeeper. Messi is W but not from Italy or Germany. Wayne is from England and is a goalkeeper. Two of them are from Spain.
Ans: Ronaldo is from Spain

14) Total age of Abhi, Anu, Monu and Pinku is 45. If 2 is added to Abhi’s age, 2 is subtracted from Anu’s age, 2 is multiplied with Monu’s age and Pinku’s age is divided by 2 then too the total of resultants remains 45. Abhi and Anu’s age’s total is half of the total ages of other two. What is the age of Monu?
Ans: 10

15) 6 exams Physics, Computer, Chemistry, French, English and Hindi are conducted on 12th August to 18th August, one of them is a Sunday and on that day no exam is conducted. Duration of these exams (in minutes) is 40, 50, 60, 75, 90 and 100. 18th is not a Sunday and the exam conducted on this day is of 40 minutes. Duration of Physics is less than 60 minutes and is conducted immediately before English. 2 exams are conducted between Hindi which is of 100 minutes and French which is of 60 minutes. English is conducted before Sunday and 2 exams are conducted between Sunday and Physics. Chemistry is of 75 minutes and was not conducted on 12th Aug. Exam conducted on Sunday is of 100 minutes. Which day is Sunday
Ans: 16th

16) A cube with each side of 8 cm is there. 3 cuts are made length wise, 3 cuts are made breadth wise and 3 cuts are made height wise to create smaller cubes of equal size. Now the cube is painted with yellow colour. How many cubes have 3 faces painted?
Ans: 8

17) Should agriculture be mechanized?
Argument 1: Yes, it will lead to higher production.
Argument 2: No, it will create rural unemployment.
Ans:Both strong

18) A cuboid of size 6 x 4 x 1 is painted Blue on two opposite faces, black on two opposite faces and green on remaining two faces. Now it is cut into small cubes of size 1 x 1 x 1. How many cubes have all three colours?
Ans: 4

19) Sama is taller than Sani. Sani is shorter than Satna. Satna is taller than Sama. Satna is taller than Sadma who is taller than Sama. Who is tallest?
Ans: Satna

20) 487692 is coded s.t. 1) If both 1stand last digit are odd, then they must be coded as X. 2) If both 1st and last digit are even, they must be coded as $. 3) If the last digit is zero, it must be coded as #.
Ans: $KEFM$

21) Code for DAIRY from given codes for other words
Ans: cvohr

22) Five bikes whose mileage (in kpl) are 42, 41, 40, 39 and 38. Colours are Blue, green, red, white and silver and are driven by C, D, G, H and W. D’s bike has more kpl than green bike but less than red. Blue bike has got better kpl than W’s bike. C did not use green or red bike. Silver bike had more kpl than G’s bike but less than green bike. Which bike got highest kpl?
Ans: Red and H

23) A large number given in which number of 4’s which are preceded by 7 but followed by 9 were asked.
Ans: 4

24) 100 people study maths and 40 study English. If 20 study both then how many study at least 1.
Ans: 120

25) Another question on cause on effect.
Ans: 1st was effect 2nd was cause

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