CAT 2017 Exam Analysis

CAT 2016 Exam Analysis

First Impression of CAT 2016 Exam Analysis Slot - 1 & Slot - 2

As expected, the second slot was also almost like the first one. One major difference is that no one in our team complained of erroneous questions this time.

First thing first, I am someone who has cleared CAT more than 10 times and appear for it as it helps me help my students who prepare for it.

CAT 2016 was very similar to CAT 2015 (100 questions, 34 each in QA and VA and 32 in LRDI) in structure, the difficulty level of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI) and Quantitative Ability (QA) sections this time was above that of CAT 2015. The difficulty level of Verbal Ability remained more or less the same. a correct answer would fetch 3 marks and an incorrect one had a penalty of 1 mark. Non-MCQ questions did not have any penalty for incorrect answers. There was no penalty/reward for any un-attempted question.

The biggest problem in QA section were the erroneous questions. There were at least 3-4 questions which had some sort of problem.

Verbal Ability
This was by far the easiest section of the test. All 5 passages were easy to read and most of the questions were doable. Summary based questions were also fairly simple. The only difficult part of this section was parajumble questions, especially keeping this in mind that all these parajumble questions were Non-MCQ (Non multiple choice question). Theoretically, there could be 120 different answers to any of these questions. A raw score of 60 should be able to fetch 95 %ile in this section. In order to score a 99%ile or more one should need to score in excess of 75.

It was probably the most difficult LRDI section in CAT after 2005! There was no breathing space in this section and almost all the sets were either time taking or difficult or both. A score of 33 (only 11 right answers net net) should ensure a 95%ile score. A score of 48 should be good enough for a 99%ile score in this section.

This section was a mix of easy, difficult and not so difficult questions. Most of the questions were from Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic. A score of 40 should fetch 95 %ile and a score of 52-53 should be close to 99%ile in this section.

CAT 2016 Questions - Quantitative Ability of Slot 1

Area No of Questions Difficulty Level
Arithmetic 11 Easy-moderate
Numbers 4 Easy
Geometry 8 Moderate-difficult
Algebra 9 Easy-difficult
Combinatorics 1 Moderate
Set Theory 1 Moderate

CAT 2016 Questions - Quantitative Ability of Slot 2
Area No of Questions Difficulty Level
Arithmetic 11 Easy-moderate
Numbers 6 Easy - Moderate
Geometry 6 Moderate-difficult
Algebra 7 Easy-difficult
Permutations and Combinations 3 Moderate
Co-ordinate Geometry 1 Easy

Overall, a net raw score of 130 should give one around 95%ile and to earn 99%ile and above one would need to score at least 165.

Edmyt wishes all the students all the very best for CAT results and also for the other entrance examinations!!!

**Scores for CAT 2016 are being calculated as +1 for a correct answer and -1/3 for an incorrect answer, as opposed to previous cat score calculations of +3 for a correct answer and -1 for an incorrect answer. This is just a change in convention, everything else remains the same.

Section Description No. of Qs No. of MCQ Qs Difficulty Level Raw score for 95%ile Raw score to cross 99%ile
VARC 34 24 Easy 60 75
DILR 32 24 Tough 33 48
QA 34 19 Moderate - Tough 40 52
Total 100 67   120 155