We believe in ourselves
Education is Power

Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach!! Thus goes the saying. But we at edmyt gently beg to differ.

edmyt came to life precisely out of this conviction that those who teach should do it first. And hence at edmyt every single faculty member cracks the exam that he/she teaches. And the faculty score with a bang. 100%tile is the norm.

Allow us to introduce edmyt as an institution by a group of passionate and well-known test-mentors, with average experience of 15 years, who believe in constantly working on their training skills and find cutting edge teaching methods to make test prep exciting, scientific and result oriented.

We expect nothing but excellence from our mentors in the tests they take. We expect even more from our students. We believe in pushing boundaries in classroom training and we surpass the expectations of those who join us.

But we go beyond classrooms as well. The tech team at edmyt comprises hand-picked tech experts who have worked in the education industry for decades. They ensure a seamless virtual learning experience for our students by providing a robust web presence which gives students a 24x7 access to learning modules over different platforms and devices.