We believe in ourselves
Education is Power

edmyt was founded to provide academic and collegiate guidance to students who aspire to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the most prestigious and distinguished campuses around the world.

The team at edmyt comprises mentors who have a collective experience of 100 years in the education industry, training and guiding thousands of students and helping them reach their dream careers.

We, at edmyt, believe in providing a complete, holistic training experience to our students preparing for the challenges of competitive exams. This requires more than just academic training and personality enhancement. It then becomes imperative for every person involved in the edmyt team to work with you, day in and day out, until you and we are assured of your scoring the highest percentile score. When we say, we accept nothing less than excellence when it comes to our teachers acing the tests, we expect nothing but excellence when it comes to our students’ results too.

The tech team at edmyt comprises hand-picked tech experts who have worked in the education industry for many years.We, at edmyt, also ensure a seamless learning experience for our students by providing a non-academic experience in the form of a robust web presence which gives students a 24x7 access to learning modules over different platforms and devices.